It's Not The Why: Life Lessons on The Path to Success

Ultimately life is not about dates and times, but about experiences and our emotional responses. Have you ever asked why, when perhaps the better question should be what, or when, or how? Our attempts to answer these questions can lead us to freedom from the past and unlock the greater possibilities of our future. Our response to why something happened opens a conflicting path before us to either prison or freedom. Please journey with us in exploring this plaguing conundrum for human beings struggling to make sense of our existence. Once you have read It’s Not the Why, you can more determinedly begin to live a life that will lead to spiritual freedom.

Written by the Editor-in-Chief of the internationally acclaimed Nahmias Cipher Report, featuring articles written by Ayanna and other journalists who are passionate about international affairs and human rights. She was interviewed about her life on Radio Netherlands Worldwide in a segment titled “The Resilience of Mothers”, and can be heard via podcast here.